Play the following figure, completing by axial symmetry. Represent this to scale 1 1.

We draw its axis of symmetry.
on it, we carry the measures indicated in the figure.
Now, we trace the measurements of the radiuses of the circumferences. These are given by their diameters.
The double segments are drawn.
We join them with vertical straights.

The parallel lines at the top are closed by a radius arc 3 millimeters.
From here, a vertical of 12 is plotted. To locate the center or 1.
plotted the bow.
We draw a horizontal from this center.
and over it takes the measurement of 6, to draw the arc with center in O 2.
From this center, a vertical is drawn to measure 24, and make another quarter of circumference with center in O 3.
to make the radio link R, we must join its two points of tangency, through a line, and perform its mediatriz.
in the Union of this mediatrix, with the horizontal line passing through O 3, will be the center searched O 4.
We draw the next circumference of radius 10.
This link is done by the procedure of, tangent inside to a circumference and to a straight, by a point T in this one.
First measure the radius of the circumference given, of 10, vertically from the point of Tangency T.
through a segment joins O 5 and perform its mediatrix.

In the union of this bisector with the vertical of T, you will find the center O 6 searched.
join the centers, to find the other point of tangency with the circumference O 5.
We draw the link.
To finish, we must link two parallel lines with two arcs of the same radius, knowing two points of tangency.
For these points two perpendiculars are drawn to the straight lines.

With a segment we join the given tangency points.
We make the mediatrix of this segment.
we draw the bisector of one of the two halves.
Where this bisector is cut with the perpendicular, we will have a sought center.
With the compass, we move the measure of the radius to the other perpendicular, to find the other center.
And we finished the link.

To complete the figure by axial symmetry, we must first extend all the horizontal lines.
Using the compass and with centers in the axis of symmetry, all the measurements are transferred.
All the verticals are drawn, in order to transfer the centers to them.
the upper symmetrical links are drawn.
We take the measures of the lower radii, to their respective verticals on the left, to find the centers.
And to finish, we make your links.